**REVIEW** Tropical Wholefoods Range

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I had never really come across Tropical Wholefoods. The end of term was approaching and they kindly sent me a load of their products to review for them! This was perfect as on the last day of Summer term at Izabel’s School, there is always a family picnic on the school field.


So along side the usual picnic goodies I packed in some Tropical Wholefoods products too to see how they went down!

There are a wide range of items, Apricot Kernels, chewy fruit bars, various bags of dried fruits.


I had never tried dried pineapple before but I was very pleasantly surprised! Very tasty and incredibly more-ish! What a great and healthy alternative to chocolate or crisp snacks!


Now Im not a newbie to dried apricots and I love them! So good for you too! Izabel liked these also which is great as she wasn’t 100% keen on the dried pineapple.

But the favourite by far for us were the fruit bars.


They come in Various flavours, Mango and Brazil Nut, Date and Walnut, 5 Fruit Salad, Apricot and Raisin, Pineapple and Cashew Nut and Banana and Honey.

The fantastic thing about all the products is that they are Organic and Fair Trade.

Not badly priced either at £2 for a big bag of dried fruit.

I am really impressed with the range and will definitely be buying in the future. Their range of foods went down very well at the end of term picnic.


You can Find out more about these great products :

Tropical Wholefoods Website

Tropical Wholefoods Facebook Page

Tropical Wholefoods sent me a range of their products in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Warburtons Krazy Kitchen Recipes!

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Have you seen whats been happening over on the Warburtons Facebook Page??

If not you can see here: Warburtons

It’s all about mixing things up and making lunchtimes exciting! There are a series of videos on the page where 2 families go head to head to win challenges in the kitchen. Lots of fun was had by the looks of it!

Now, we normally have the same old thing in this house for lunch and same for the kids packed lunches when at school. Xavier like the routine and same things and he is quite fussy food wise so Izzy and I tried something new for lunch!

Firstly we tried out Tuna Trawlermen using Warburtons White Sandwich Pittas.


Izzy wanted to get into character so donned the Sailors Hat! 🙂


The pittas can be heated through in a toaster but we used them as they came. They are nice and light and made a lovely change.

Onto the making…


1 drained tin of Tuna… I added a little splash of Vinegar and salad cream.

Lightly butter the pitta pockets, then add a layer of grated cheese.


Then add some Tuna and some very thinly sliced Red onion.


Lastly you need to add a sprinkling of sweetcorn and some salad leaves.

Then VOILA! You are ready to get stuck in! I REALLY enjoyed this! This was my favourite of the 2 we tried. Very tasty, reasonably healthy and easy to make! A very refreshing change!!

Next up was Chicken Supreme using Warburtons Sandwich Thins


Once again! Izzy was doing her thing! Haha!


These are a fab size and are pre cut. I was a little worried about them possibly being a bit dry.

First step was to separate the layers and spread some mayonnaise on the bottom layer.


Next add some thinly sliced cucumber and some red onion.


Then we put a layer of sliced roast chicken on.


Then last but not least a pinch of salad leaves and its time to put the lid on!!!



This was very very yummy too! This was by far Izabels favourite of the 2. She loved being involved and helping to make lunch. It really is lovely to have a nice change from the norm and I will definitely be doing these for lunch in the very near future.

I hadn’t tried either of these Warburtons products before and am impressed.

Head over to their Facebook Page tomorrow 23rd August for the final installment of the Krazy Kitchen escapades!!! There is set to be lots of fun and Kraziness going on!

Warburtons supplied me with a hamper of ingredients to try out these products and recipes.

All opinions are my own.


Pocket Money Tales….

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Oh boy did we have to earn ours!!!

Mum and Dad had us hoovering, washing the car, cleaning the windows on the internal doors at home…. you know the ones…that had like TWELVE separate windows…both sides had to be done too! Me and my 3 sisters used to feel like it was Slave Labour! HAHA!

Now I’m older and possibly a little wiser… It really was a good thing. We never expected to be just given money… we knew we had to earn it and with four of us… rightly so! We used to get maybe £1 or £1.50 and we were more than happy with that and would RUN to the sweet shop more often than not and it’d be gone in seconds!

I have 2 children of my own… now Izabel the oldest, she will be 11 in November and has started asking what she can do to earn pocket money!

Good Girl!

Now lucky for her I don’t have those nightmare internal doors or a collection of brass ornaments that need polishing… ( Mum??? Dad??? What were you thinking? LOL)… so she does a bit of washing up here and there or feeds the cats or wipes down the kitchen surfaces for me. It’s good that she wants to help! I really do appreciate the help too! She used to be a nightmare with her bedroom but I think has now got to the age where she wants to have a nice room and she keeps on top of it.

Now with Xavier… hmmmmm that’s a whole different affair! I cannot wait for the day the lightbulb goes off in his head and he realises that tidying or helping Mum do a few things can earn him some pennies. He has Autism though so a whole different way of thinking about things. He keeps going on at me about all these toys and figures he wants.

I do encourage my children to help out around the home to earn pocket money. I also encourage them to not do what I used to with mine and spend it all on sweets! Save and buy something bigger and better.

This blog post is my entry into The Pocket MoneyTales Competition in conjunction with  Tots 100 Rooster Bank to win an iPad Mini.

Roosterbank makes it simple for families to manage pocket money and gives children the skills and confidence to look after their money responsibly.

Pocket money on Roosterbank.com is virtual, so no real cash deposits are required. Parents use the site to keep track of pocket money transactions, set up regular weekly pocket money payments, make ad hoc ‘boosts’ and approve spending.
Children can view their balance and make decisions about what to do with their pocket money. That may be saving for the future, donating to charity or building a nest egg to pay for a favourite treat.

There are also fab competitions and rewards to encourage them to get into a saving routine, including Roostie Interest which children earn on savings and can be redeemed for prizes!


Chi Chi Wishlist!


This is my entry into a competition to win £200 to spend with ChiChi, I will let you know how to get in on the action too but you’ll have to be quick as it ends on Wednesday 21st August at 5pm.

I need to create a wish list in order to enter…

Now normally I’m not very girly as most people who know me would know!

BUT I have Dad’s big Retirement Party coming up at the end of the month and would like to get a new dress. I actually only own 2 dresses! Is that bad??!

You can check out the Chi Chi website for yourself here

Theres quite a few dresses that have caught my eye. I have to take into account my height. I am almost 6ft. Most Maxi dresses are not long enough for me. 😦

This dress is lovely! Not sure if I would look a little washed out though


Link to Dress is here

Another dress that caught my eye was this

It’s a beautiful colour and I think would be a great length for me,


Link to the dress is here

Next we have a perfect looking LBD Little Black Dress. Simple but stylish and can be done up with a bit of bling!


Direct link to this dress here

Now last but not least I LOVE this dress, my only concern being that it may be a little too short… but regardless! I still love it!


Link to this dress here

So blogger friends if you want to QUICKLY get entered into this competition you need to head over to etail PR for all the entry requirements.

Hope you like my lil selection of fave dresses…. still totally undecided! ARGH only got 11 days left before the party! Better get my decision making hat on!


**Review & Giveaway!!** Bandai – Power Rangers Disc Cycle


Bandai contacted me and kindly asked me to review some of their products! This excited my son hugely!!!

He is MAD about Power Rangers.

The Disc Cycle is from the Power Rangers Samurai Range.


Xavier knows pretty much all there is to know about Power Rangers Samurai!!


This Samurai blue Ranger sits snuggly on the bike. It isn’t moveable other than his hands. The figure is very sturdy and tough. Perfect play thing for little boys! 😉

The cycle can be altered to a different position and according to Xavier can be attached to a Power Rangers Megazord’s leg to give him skates!


The bike is also made of very durable plastic. Overall a great tough toy for any  boy (or girl!)

Bandai sent us this product to review but Xavier already had this very same one so I contacted Bandai to see if it was ok to giveaway the one they sent all nice and new in its box.


They agreed so please click on the below link and follow all the instructions for your chance to win this Power Rangers Samurai Disc Cycle….

Power Rangers Giveaway

Giveaway open to residents of the UK only.

Closes on 27th August.

1 Prize on offer.


Hats off to my Dad!



He is an amazing man!

He has just turned 65 and is about to embark on his last EVER week at work!!!



Me and my Dad (above)

My Dad has always been a grafter! Never had a day out of work since he was 16 years old. He works so hard! He had a heart attack about 6 years ago and we all badgered him to give up work then, but he has carried on until now. He has also had 2 knee replacements done (the 1st one was a bodge job!) and this has hindered him quite a bit as he has always been fit and active. He is absolutely football mad! A huge Manchester United Fan! He has done referee coaching, he has done football training for men and boys teams and now does physio. It is a huge love of his!


I remember him promising me for years and years  to take me to a football match (I was always the Tomboy out of me and my 3 sisters) and the 1st one I went to was Man United Vs Chelsea – Charity Shield at Wembley Stadium!! It was before Wembley had its makeover and we were about 5 rows from the front! WOW what an experience that was. After that we went to 7 or 8 matches at Old Trafford to watch our fave team play.

Dad is funny, great with his grandchildren and always up for a boogie at a party! He loves doing his Mick Jagger/Dad Dancing!! 🙂

At the end of this month we will be celebrating Dads retirement with a big family party! I can’t wait! We will be joined by both of his brothers who we originally didn’t think would be able to make it. Uncle Chris (Dads youngest brother) lives in Virginia, USA so we were not expecting him to be able to make it and then Uncle Dave has been fighting Cancer of the oesophagus, he has had surgery and 2 lots of chemo treatment but is on the mend, so pleased that BOTH my Uncles will there to celebrate with Dad.

Here is Dad with his youngest brother Chris


Here is Dad with middle brother Dave


I can’t wait for everyone to get together to celebrate what I hope will be an amazing Retirement for my Dad. He has worked so hard his whole life, us 4 girls have never gone without. He deserves the very best. Can’t wait to see him relaxed and enjoying his life after so many years of stressing and working his ass off!

Happy Retirement Dad!

Love you so much!


**REVIEW** Twinkl – Awesome Parent and School Resources.

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How have I not found this company sooner?? So many great resources!! Let me explain a little…

Twinkl started off in January 2010 by starting up a website and have since grown into what they are today. A fantastic supplier of resources to teachers and parents of Primary School aged children. What really appealed to me was the SEN (Special Educational Needs) resources.

Xavier is REALLY struggling with being out of routine and I have to honestly admit that the school holidays so far have been not far off terrible.

I have discovered in the SEN section there is visual timetables which are AMAZING! I am definitely going to set to work setting up a visual time table for Xavier.

Baby Birdy

Twinkl Teaching Resources are the trusted home and one stop shop for thousands of lovely, unique and FREE printable teaching resources for EYFS, KS1, KS2, teachers, home educators, childminders, nurseries and more.

Their website is fantastic and has lots of amazing sections. A few of which I will highlight!

Parents Section

This section has SO much in it, it’s difficult to know where to start. There are Parent’s Educational guides which include How to teach your child how to read using phonics, Punctuation Guides for Parents, Government Expectations of Attainment in UK Primary Schools, Calculation Methods for Years 1 through to 6. Now these are all downloadable either separately or  in bulk which is fantastic. There is so much helpful and useful information.

Behaviour Management is another part of the parent section.. there are printable certificates, reward charts, stickers etc.

Also there are bits in this section for both numeracy and reading and writing.

There is much much more and this is just in the parents Section!!!

Twinkl Forum

This forum is great!! It covers EVERYTHING and in different sections you are able to communicate and ask questions with other users and staff of Twinkl! Really fab idea as although there is all this amazing information and resources within the website there may be something you want to discuss or ask questions about something in particular. I really LOVE this idea!

Summer Activity Pack

Now this is fantastic!!!! I think this may just see me through to the end of the holidays!!! I know some schools have returned already but most of us still have just under 3 weeks left! (ARGH!!!) Included in this pack are printable colouring sheets, word searches, activity sheets, things to make and lots more. I really recommend this pack and I will be getting stuck into it with my kids! I think this may just save me until September comes! Thank you Twinkl.

Free Trial for Schools

Twinkl are currently offering schools a free trial on their Premium Subscription. I will certainly be speaking to Xavier’s school about this when we return to school. They have been incredible for my boy since he joined their school in January and are very open and welcome new ideas and thoughts. They have his best interests at heart. Premium Subscriptions are just £29.99 for the year which I think is an amazing price for such a huge amount of helpful info. Without people paying this Twinkl would be unable to continue making all these fab resources. They have to make money somehow! I think this is a very reasonable price.

If you want to check out more of Twinkl they are on the social media platforms too!

Please follow them on




Twinkl approached me to review their fantastic services and provided me with a premium subscription in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.


**REVIEW** ZUGO’S – Hot & Crispy Panini – Chargrilled Chicken with Mozzarella & Pesto

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I had seen these quite regularly in the local store and in Supermarkets but never actually tried them.

When offered the chance from Zugo’s I snapped it up!


I am sure these come in a variety of flavours but this one was the only flavour available when I went to buy one.

Chargrilled Chicken with Mozzarella and Pesto! Sounds Yummy!

I unwrapped it and was greeted with a corrugated cardboard sleeve. This is apparently to keep the panini crispy whilst cooking in the microwave.


With the kids driving me nuts and keeping me busy I love the idea of a quick and easy snack/lunch.

The instructions on how to cook are very clearly marked out on the back of the packet.


So you place the panini on a plate still in its cardboard sleeve and microwave  (going by my microwave which is 850w) for 1 minute and 20 seconds.

You must leave to stand for 1 minute.

When cooked I removed from the microwave and the smell wasn’t over powering but pleasant. Then I cut the corner off the pesto sachet and put it on the piping hot mozzarella and chicken. Yum!!


Now I don’t suppose that makes it look hugely appetising, so here…


I did wonder how the Panini would be after being nuked in a microwave but it was surprisingly nice! The flavours of the chicken and mozzarella and pesto mayo type stuff were absolutely amazing!! I really enjoyed it.

So a snack or lunch in just over 2 minutes… it’s a winner in my book!

Really tasty, quick and easy.

Zugo’s sent me vouchers to purchase this product in exchange for a fair and honest review.


We have reached the half way mark….

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Of the summer holidays and to be honest I do feel like I am going ever so slightly insane!


We are now house bound for at least the next few days as both children have a viral infection! Oh the joys!!! Izzy coughed all through the night so I didn’t get much sleep worrying if she was going to throw up from coughing so much. She didnt get much sleep due to coughing.

So the females of the house are VERY grumpy today which in turn is making Izzy wind up Xavier, then he is retaliating, then they both end up screaming at each other, which results in me getting cross and telling them off and in the mean time Daddy (who works nights) has been woken up a few times… so actually I will rephrase! A VERY grumpy household today!

I won a family ticket to Disney Live at the Brighton Centre yesterday that we had to miss because of poorly kids… they were gutted! Today is my lovely Nephews 8th Birthday and we have to miss that too as we don’t want to spread our germs!


Well I have a clear diary for next week so far apart from Xaviers Physio appointment on Wednesday morning so hopefully we will all be better and we can have some days out! I think Im getting cabin fever!

Possibly a trip to Brighton beach for a picnic or maybe a day trip to London?!

Hope you are having more fun than we are at the moment?


**REVIEW** Glorious Foods – Tuscan Chicken & Orzo Soup

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I hadn’t really heard too much about this company if I’m honest. The products looked different and delicious!

When given the opportunity to review some products I was quite excited as I love to try new things.

This review is on one of the Meal Soups that come in a range of flavours.


The pot comes in a lovely size, you just snap a bit off of the rim, lift off the lid then place it back on top gently and it can go in the microwave for just 5 minutes, stirring half way through.


These pots can also be frozen which is handy to know! 🙂

The smells that filled my kitchen when this was cooking were indescribable!! Simply gorgeous!

Once it was done I poured into a bowl and it was ready to eat! So simple, quick and easy. These soups would really suit people who are always on the go too!


I loved the flavours of this soup!! It was absolutely delicious! The tomato and chicken chunks were divine, the seasonings were perfect! I tell you something too…. I was TOTALLY full up after consuming this too!

Along with the soups I was sent a few sauce pouches to try which I haven’t had the chance to yet but I will let you know what they are like too! If they are anything like the soups they will be a winner!!

I love the flavours of these products, the packaging is different yet eye catching too.

I was sent some products in exchange for a fair an honest review!

Please Visit the Glorious Website and check out all the fantastic products they have!


You can also keep up to date with them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GloriousFoods?fref=ts